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Click on the 'Register' option on the home page. Enter your email address and create a new password. Confirm the email address. Synchronize the account with your social networks or click on the 'Do it later' option.
Verify that you are not using some kind of VPN or Proxy software. Clear cookies and browser cache, from the settings menu. Try to enter the Snaau website from another browser. You are entering from a country where the website is not available. In case none of the options work, you can contact our Support staff to help you solve the problem.
You can perform the registration or login process from popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You just have to perform the following procedure: Log into your account and then go to the 'Profile' section. Next, click on the 'Connected Applications' section. Lastly, link your account with the apps you want. Within this same section you can also delete the social networks that are synchronized with your Snaau account.
It refers to the second factor of authentication, which is an additional layer of protection that you can apply to your personal Snaau account. You can enable such security feature with the following methods: Text message You have the option of linking your Snaau account with your personal mobile phone. So you can configure 2FA with said device, to receive an authentication code via text message when you want to log in. App Authenticator You can also configure the 2FA security mechanism through the Authenticator app. If you have an Android smartphone, you can install the 'Authy' or 'Google Authenticator' app. Both options are free to download. Instead, iOS device users can use the 'Authy' or '1Password' app to set up the 2FA code.
You have to enter the 'Account' section and click on the 'Login history' section. In this area you will see the following: Date and time of admission. Device IP address. Login country. Access browser. If you spot any suspicious logins to your account, you should report the issue to our customer support team.

digital products

I can't find the key All purchased products appear in the 'My Library' section. You bought only the reservation of the product. Check the 'Spam' folder of your E-Mail. Make sure that the email address has been entered without errors. Money reimbursed for technical problems, after attaching the proofs that we request according to our policy, since the codes and software are for single use.
Check that you are using the correct platform. Make sure you have copied the key without errors. Review the product activation guide.
You are viewing a different library than the product. You logged into the wrong account.
Check if the affiliate account has enough credit. Check the payment information. Use another payment method. Make the purchase using the incognito mode of the browser. Authorize the transaction from the bank. Activate the credit card in Snaau.
Enter the 'My Library' section and tap on 'Request a refund'. Complete and confirm the application, attaching the required evidence about your case. Attention! If any type of fraud is detected during the review of your application, we will cancel the refund immediately.
There is a wide range of payment methods available, which may vary depending on your country, provider and the product in question. Among them are traditional methods such as credit card, debit card and PayPal.
Check the available balance in your account. Check your personal information in Snaau. Consult with technical support.
It means that the provider is out of service at the moment. Please wait a while to try again.
You must wait at least 24 hours for the payment to be processed. If it does not happen, contact the technical support of the provider.
Use the browser in incognito mode or enter from a different one. Clear cookies. Disable external programs like AdBlock or any VPN. Payment declined Confirm the funds in your account. Check the bank's international settings. Update your personal information. product not delivered Contact customer service to request a refund or product key.

Product delivery

Request a refund before opening the code. The code was previously used or is invalid.
Enter the customer service section to present your case. Check the activation guide.
Sign out and back into your account. Create a Support ticket.
Check the product label to see if it is available in your location. These are the following: GLOBAL (Any country) EUROPE (Europe) NA (North America) RU/CIS (Russia/Commonwealth of Independent States) LATAM (Latin America) ASIA (Asia)
Enter your email.

Purchasing process

It refers to the additional charge for our services during the purchase process and customer support.
Register in Snaau. Search for the product you want and click on 'Add to cart'. Tap on the 'Buy Now' button.
You can look it up inside your Snaau account or in your email.
You have the option to buy a product reservation to obtain it on the day of the premiere.
Enter the 'Orders' section. Check the 'Details' button next to the product in question. Click on the 'Request invoice' option. Fill the form. The invoice usually takes around 30 days to be issued. Although, keep in mind that some providers do not issue receipts or invoices.
If we did not resolve your question, contact support. Medium